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P90x is an exercise program for shaping and gaining muscle mass. The calendar is part of the package they send out to people who order the system, and is used to keep track of your progress.
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The P90x calendar is the work out schedule. When you purchase P90x you will receive 13 DVDs. The P90x calendar tells you which discs to do on what day based on which week your on.
The PDF file is the right one, do you have a reader to open them? I could fax you them also, contact me at. http://beachbodycoach.com/FitInThe5280. if you need me to, or if you have
Use LiveStrong. It has way more foods in its database than Sparkpeople (ref) or fitday.com. Most of the people on the TeamBeachBody forums use Fitday (ref), even though it doesn't
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TheP90X workout comes with a calendar that tells you what to do on each day. The fitness test is done the first day and then the second day the actual program ...
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