How Much Does a Ruger P94 40 Caliber Firearm Cost?


The cost of a Ruger P94 .40 caliber pistol is between $300 and $500. This will depend on the condition of the gun. This gun is used for home defense and target practice.
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50-500 usd.
1. Begin by removing the ammo clip and unloading any rounds kept in the chamber. If you have a 9mm version of the P94, there should be 15 rounds total from the clip and the chamber,
Currently lists new-in-box Ruger P94's for $275-340 (these also would include the case, 2x 10 rd magazines, the speedloader, and a lock) A used P94 would naturally fetch
The retail price of a Ruger P90. 45 caliber pistol should be
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