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Pace is a brand of salsa that is popular in many retail stores. The company got its start back in 1947 when a Texan began experimenting with canning salsa. His family started in the syrup business but when it struggled, David, the one with the dream, began experimenting with the perfect salsa recipe. He used tomatoes instead of oil, and people enjoyed putting the salsa on all sorts of foods, including eggs and hamburgers. The original recipe has not changed, but more products have been added to the Pace company.
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In south America close to the Cuban empire.
Pace brands of salsas were started by David Pace. Pace grew up in Louisiana, learning the
Pace may pride itself on not being made in NYC, but at least some companies in the NYC area have the chutzpah to make habenero salsas.
The Pace Thick & Chunky Salsa contains jalapeno pepper chunks, while the Picante Sauce has all ground ingredients. ChaCha on! more
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Pace Chunky Salsa is made in Paris, Texas. The company was started in 1947 and is named for its founder, David Pace. It is now owned by the Campbell Soup Company ...
A five letter word for Pace could be salsa. Pace is a type of salsa that people can purchase in numerous stores and restaurants throughout the world. ...
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