Pacific Northwest Indians?


Indians found the the Pacific Northwest held onto their culture a lot longer, as it took Americans many years to cross from the east to the West. The Northwest Indians lived from southern Alaska into Washington. They consisted of the Chinook, Tillamook, and Tlingit tribes. They are well known for their creations of totem poles. They created big homes from cedar trees that would grow to 60 feet. Due to the lack of nails, they made wooden pegs to hold the logs together for their homes.
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The Northwest Pacific Indians are mostly on the Northwest side of
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There are many different tribes in the Pacific northwest. There are some in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and on up into Canada and Alaska. Eskimos are indians, by the way. http://www.mle.matsuk12
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Salmon were at the centre of life for northwest Indian native people living along the Asian and American shores of the North Pacific Ocean. Whales also provided ...
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