Pag and Ester Oil?


The difference between PAG oil and Ester oil is and how they are made. PAG oil synthetic, and made by man. Ester oil is based off minerals and is a naturally occurring substance
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I think PAG is synthetic, ester is mineral. PAG is compatible with both old R12 and modern R134a refrigerants, ester only works with old R12. This is why an old a/c system must be
Ester/Polyol Ester (A.K.A. POE) is an oil that is used in air conditioning systems to lubricate the air conditioning compressor. It is compatible with both R-12 and R-134a systems
I believe the chemical name you're looking for is called
Hi, Sorry, this might be more clear... Charge 80 percent of original volume. Lets say the system holds one pound of refrigerant. You would put 80 percent of a charge into it which
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