Pageant Platform List?


A list of platforms in a pageant is a list of causes that a contestant will pick from. Once the contestant has picked her cause or platform, they will volunteer their time to help the cause by raising money or volunteering or implementing a program that will help the cause.
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Pageant platforms are as diverse as the contestants themselves. A lot of platforms focus on health issues such as Heart Health, Breast Cancer Awareness, Diabetes or Obesity Awareness
1. Open a Microsoft Word document and save it as the platform sheet for the beauty pageant. Name the sheet after the upcoming contest so you quickly find and reference the form if
A pageant platform is when the girls from Miss America talk about what they want to is the best that we've found. I've worked with VerticalResponse, ConstantContact and iContact in the past and MailChimp blows them all away on pricing, capabilities
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A pageant platform is a reason that a contestant selects to volunteer her time. It is meant to bring awareness to raise money, or execute a program she/he has ...
There are many ideas that you can select from to have as your pageant platform. These ideas range from environmental to fitness, and from caring for the elderly ...
A pageant platform is an essay with a social theme to it. These are written and read by pageant contestants. One should write a pageant platform on a topic they ...
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