How do I separate pages that are stuck together?


The the pages of a book are stuck together, it may be possible to separate them. However, it depends on what substance is holding them together. Make sure you carefully pull them apart one small area at a time, don't make a ripping motion.
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1. Insert the acid-free paper between the edges of the two stuck-together pages. 2. Begin sliding the sheet up and down between the stuck together pages in a gentle sawing motion.
The reason that the dogs are stuck together during mating is because the male dog is making sure that the sperm have time to impregnate the female. You can find more information here
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If you are referring to conjoined twins, than they are formed by an egg that partially splits when developing in the uterus.
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It is really easy to unstick pages that are stuck together. To unstick pages of a book you can take something thin and run it between the pages that are stuck ...
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To separate two glass bowls that are stuck together, you can try leaving them out to dry in case the problem is caused by water between them suctioning them together ...
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