Pain in Bone behind Ear?


The bone behind the ear is called the mastoid. This bone is actually a continuation of the temporal bone.
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the mastoid.
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The temporal bone, connected to the jaw bone (mandible) via the temporomandibular joint or TMJ.
It's not painful at all, it's more of an annoying vibration than pain. Trust me I have a tattoo behind my ear and mine really did not hurt. It was uncomfortable, but that was just
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An ear nose and throat doctor may suggest an mri or ct scan for bone pain behind the ear to rule out any mass or growth. Cysts, growths or tumors can cause pain ...
Mastoiditis is the inflammation of the bone behind the ear called mastoid antrum. Some of the signs and symptoms are pain, tenderness and swelling. When mastoiditis ...
Pain behind the left ear can be due to a variety of illnesses and diseases. Pain behind the left ear can be associated with headaches. Headaches tend to affect ...
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