Pain in Corner of Eye?


A pain that occurs in the corner of the eye can be caused by several factors. On possible cause of this pain could be eyes that are too dry, so that the eye surface is disturbed each time the person blinks. It is possible that some foreign object has become lodged in the corner of the eye. If the pain persists for longer than a few days, the person suffering from this condition should visit as eye physician.
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Eye pain can be caused by many different things. It's best to see a Dr. though if it seems to be unrelated to allergies or persists. Rarely it can be a sign of a serious illness.
1. Apply primer from the inner corner with a shader brush to cover upper eyelids, which covers imperfections and helps your eye color last. Another option is to use your index finger
That sounds like a stye forming. It's a blockage at the base of the eyelashes that can become swollen. It can happen if you're out in windy weather, rub your eyes with dirty hands
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