Pain in Left Shoulder Left Rib Cage?


If you are having pain in the region of your left shoulder and rib cage, it's recommended that you seek medical attention immediately. This pain could be a sign of a heart attack. Call your doctor to rule out serious causes.
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It could be many things; from a heart attack to a sprained shoulder. You should go and see a doctor about this.
The left lung is one of the organs located under the left rib cage.
Take your right hand and place it on the lower. part of your rib cage on the right side. In this area is the right lobe of the liver, the biliary area, and the gallbladder. Move your
Your pain could be from a rib thats fractured or out. A muscle
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Pain under the left rib cage can be serious and indicative of a major problem. One of the first issues that can happen is a broken rib.Ribs that are broken need ...
Causes of pain in the left rib cage area could range from mild heartburn to pain in the spleen, which is located right underneath the left rib. A person shouldn't ...
Pain in the left lower rib cage area is generally a sign of pain from any of the internal organs in that area. The most common cause of pain in this area is built ...
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