Pain in Surgical Scar?


Pain in a surgical scar can be due to the tissue that forms around the healing wound. If you do not keep moving the area while it is healing, the scarring will create tight tissue that is painful when stretched. This is why it is important to maintain physical activity to prevent the excess of fibrous tissue from forming. Physicians can help make sure that your wound is properly bandaged and sutured, which also prevents the amount of soreness that will be felt after the wound heals.
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1. Wash the scar and surrounding area gently with soap and warm water. 2. Pat dry with a clean towel. 3. Apply topical ointment directly to the scar. Be sure to massage the ointment
1. Strengthen your core muscles to take the load off your back muscles in supporting your upper torso weight. 2. Stretch stretch stretch. 3. Massage. 4. Acupuncture. 5. Posture
Dermabrasion or chemical peels can minimize scars. Also:cortisone
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