Pain on Top Right Side of Head?


There are many causes of pain in the right side of the brain including trauma, trigeminal neuralgia, temporal arteritis and tension headaches. It is advisable to seek medical advice in case of this pain from a medical practitioner as this will help in early diagnosis and treatment.
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It can mean any number of things such as appendicitis. If it persists you need to go to your doctor and he can run tests, etc to determine if it is something serious.
Ould be a cluster headache.
Shooting pain on one side of the head can be a symptom of any of a number of different disorders or diseases including occipital neuralgia or ice pick headaches. For a diagnosis,
Gallbladder problems can cause right-side chest pain. If your notice that your pain is sharp and originating in your right abdomen, then gallstones are a likely cause. These may be
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Trigeminal neuralgia can cause pain on the right side of the head. Trigeminal nerualgia is a chronic and painful condition. Trigeminal neuralgia targets the trigeminal ...
The most common cause of pain on the right side of the head is due to tension headaches. The pain is usually a low, dull ache that often starts in the right side ...
If you are having pains in the right side of your head and it starts to work its way down the back of your neck to your back, it could be your nerves. You will ...
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