Pain under Left Breast near Ribs?


Pain under the left breast, under the ribs, is often a telltale sign of an ulcer. It can be caused from trapped gas in the colon, or a build up of acid. Spleen ruptures can also cause pain under the left rib cage area. Finally, any time you have a broken rib, you will have immense pain where the rib is cracked. Less common problems could include pneumothorax and diverticulitis, so you should talk to a doctor if the pain does not go away.
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According to the Loyola University Health System and, this condition can cause pain in your breasts. Right before your menstrual period, when there are higher
It could be pancreatitis or gall bladder issues. See
Well as my Mum is a doctor I know quite alot about breast issues...Check for a lump if there is you have breast cancer.If not your having pain pain happens..LOL! If this contniues
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Left side pain under ribs could be caused by a Kidney stone, since this organ is located in this part of the body just below the rib cage. The pain may be caused ...
A sharp pain under left breast may be due to several causes. It may be a possible manifestation of heart burn if the pain extends to the stomach. If it does not, ...
The breast is one of the most sensitive areas in the body and when pain occurs on the area, it should not be ignored. Some causes of this pain include: the squeezing ...
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