Painful Bump on Side of Tongue?


A painful bump on the side of the tongue could be several things. It could possibly be a canker sore or a swollen taste bud. More serious issues can be oral cancer or a vitamin deficiency. It is best to see a doctor if it does not go away.
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Answer You shouldn't have a painful bump on the back left side of your tongue! Go see a doctor! Fast!
Not Medical Advice. Small bump that appear out of nowhere, can be caused by different diseases. Regular bumps are usually just inflamed taste buds.
A sharp pain in your abdomen could be a bladder infection and that bumps on
it usually little ulcers, yor taste buds get swollen. it is mostly caused by eating and drinking too much acid. drinking sodas or other carbonated drinks. even eating spicy foods.
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Painful pumps on your tongue can be a number of things. One common reason for bumps on the tongue is an enlarged or swollen taste buds which can be painful. Another ...
A painful bump on the tongue might be the result of a canker sore. These are often painful. It can also be the result of a normal tongue bump that has become irritated ...
A bump on the side of a tongue can be caused by trauma, injury, allergic reaction, ill fitting dentures or oral cancer. However, mouth sores and tongue bumps are ...
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