Painful Lump in Tongue?


A painful lump in the tongue can be caused by many things. Often the painful lump is caused by an ulcer, which can be treated with medication, but most often will go away on its own. Other causes of lumps in the tongue can be salivary disease, skin abscesses, reactions to medication or foods, dehydration, hematoma, bruising or injury to the tongue, bacterial infections, and sometimes, mouth cancer. If the painful lump does not go away and the pain worsens, one should seek medical advice.
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There are numerous benign (noncancerous) tumors of the tongue,
Those are taste buds, slightly raised and larger than the rest, and can look like blisters, but they're just taste buds.
The lymph nodes are small clusters of cells that have ducts coming in and out of them. The lymph nodes manufacture antibodies to help fight infection out of the body. There are several
I think it is something called a canker sore. They are basically sores that appear in the mouth, and can be white or red, and very painful. They can make swallowing painful. It is
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