How Do You Slit Your Wrist Painlessly?


There is no medical way to slit your wrist painlessly. You can take some type of pain medication to dull the pain. Slitting your wrist can result in death.
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Hello, I have self harmed for a few years (stopped now) I can tell you that slitting your wrists is pretty much always going to hurt, however, when i did do it on my wrists (along
If you need help, please dial 1-800-273-8255. You will be routed to the… I do not condone what you are doing, I am just answering your question. Have fun!
*Smack* First off, No, we will not tell you how to slit your wrists. Second, No matter how much pain you are in someone has been there before and had climbed out of the hole. You
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It is not advisable to slit your wrist because it can cause excessive bleeding leading to death. However, in most cases people have slit their wrist by using the ...
There is no best way to slit your wrist as this is an act of suicide. When you have a problem that makes you feel like life has no meaning, it is always advised ...
There is no right way from slitting your wrist. You are recommended strongly not to even try as its consequences can be fatal and harmful. Problems can be solved ...
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