How do you paint a checkerboard pattern?


The first step in creating a checkered pattern is to paint the entire surface with the lightest color. Using a ruler or yard stick, create the boxes for the checkered marks and outline the ones that will be painted with painter's tape. Using the darker color of paint, cover the inside of the squares and allow to dry. A second coat of paint can be applied if needed. Wait until the surface is completely dry before removing the painters tape. The final step is to apply a protective sealant to the entire surface.
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1. Paint the entire surface with the lighter color of paint. Let it dry completely. 2. Measure the item you're painting to determine the size of squares you want. Small items look
Square layout that looks like the game board. A chess board & many other things like tablecloths can have the same pattern.
First of all, if you want the paint to adhere to the wood properly and last a long time, you need to either rent a buffer and get some 100-120 grit screens or hire someone to screen
Checkerboard design is a square that is made up squares of two alternating
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How to Paint a Checkerboard Pattern
A checkerboard pattern can be used as an accent or border, as a floor design or even on a game table for use in checkers and chess. The technique is the same, though the scale and colors will vary. Choose two colors that suit your project. Black and... More »
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