How can I paint a brick fireplace using sponge?


To sponge paint a brick fireplace, start by cleaning and removing all dirt around the fireplace. Choose a colour that you want and apply the first coat using a sponge. When the first coat has dried apply the second coat.
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1. Clean the brick fireplace, using TSP cleaner. Rinse the surface and allow it to dry. 2. Apply painter's tape to areas of the fireplace you do not want painted. 3. Cover the surrounding
The answer to this has to be separated into categories: 1. A few drops spattered while painting the walls. Use Goof-Off or a similar latex paint remover, a rough clean cloth, and
Sherwin Williams color visualizer to help you imagine how the
I painted mine with regular house paint I used satin because I could clean it up easier. It looked great and never chipped .
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How to Sponge Paint a Brick Fireplace
Brick fireplaces have a very distinct look, and after awhile that look can seem a little boring or plain. Sponge painting is a technique that gives the finished product a colorful, textured appearance. While the technique of sponge painting is quite... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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