How can I paint a brick fireplace using sponge?


To sponge paint a brick fireplace, start by cleaning and removing all dirt around the fireplace. Choose a colour that you want and apply the first coat using a sponge. When the first coat has dried apply the second coat.
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1. Give the brick fireplace two thick, even coats of oil-based primer to prepare it for the paint job. Allow the primer to dry completely. 2. Pour the oil- or water-based paint of
Sherwin Williams color visualizer to help you imagine how the
I painted mine with regular house paint I used satin because I could clean it up easier. It looked great and never chipped .
Hi Jeannie, The only reason I don't recommend Behr paint is because they had some problems a while back with their paint not wanting to adhere to the surface over a period of time
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How to Sponge Paint a Brick Fireplace
Brick fireplaces have a very distinct look, and after awhile that look can seem a little boring or plain. Sponge painting is a technique that gives the finished product a colorful, textured appearance. While the technique of sponge painting is quite... More »
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