How do you paint glass into a mirror?


There are a few steps in how one can paint a glass into a mirror. The first step in turning glass into a mirror involves lightly sanding the mirrored surface and cleaning with a damp cloth. The next step is to spray the glass with a mirror spray paint which can be purchased at paint retailers and many craft stores. When spraying the glass, hold the can about six inches from the surface for best results. The glass needs to dry completely before it will offer the mirror appearance.
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1. Lightly sand the glass opposite of the side you want to reflect. Clean the sanded surface with tack cloth. 2. Hold the spray can about 6 inches from the sanded surface and spray
Painting glass can be a real exercise in frustration. By its nature, glass resists adhesives, which are exactly what glass paints are. Runs, lumps and flaking can ruin your project
1. Use a clear light bulb that is no more than 40 watts. Higher wattage bulbs can cause the paint to overheat. 2. Rinse the bulb under warm water to remove dust and dirt. Dry it thoroughly
1. Decide if you are painting on glass or creating a window cling. You will need a leading blank if making a window cling. 2. Place the pattern below the glass or leading blank. Use
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How to Make Glass Into a Mirror With Paint
While making a mirror requires a precise silvering process, you can make glass look like a mirror with spray paint you can find at craft stores. Spray paint can create a glossy, reflective surface that gives the effect of a mirror. Use this technique for... More »
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