How should you paint outdoor cement statues?


The first thing you need to do is to prepare the concrete statue for painting by cleaning it up. To start painting, you will need to apply a base coat. Once it dries, you can apply the top coat over the statue. To finish up painting your outdoor statue, you then apply concrete sealer.
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1. Clean the statue with the rag, soap and water, then let the statue dry. 2. Use the paint brush to apply a solid coat of masonry primer to the statue. Wait for the primer to dry
If you think you might have a moisture problem, now is the time to address it. Place a section of clear plastic on the cement and tape the edges down, but not so tight as to be laying
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There are many kinds of paint removers and they are not all alike. Sample a couple, they work differently. Also abrasives, water blast, sand blast and repaint. Are you trying to go
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How to Paint Outdoor Cement Statues
It can be confusing and sometimes frustrating trying to find the right process for painting cement statues. This can be overcome, however, with the right information and guidance. The brushes you use will not matter. Normal paint brushes will do this... More »
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