How Much Is a Robert Wood October Morn 1956 Oil Painting Worth?


To determine the worth of your 1956 Robert Wood painting 'October Morn,' you need to find out if you have the original painting. This will make all the difference in the painting's worth, because over 1.25 million copies of 'October Morn' were sold. The reproductions of 'October Morn' are not worth much. Take your Robert Wood oil painting to a reputable art dealer to verify whether it is a reproduction or the original work.
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It all depends on which painting it
You can purchase a. framed October Morn reproduction. by Robert Wood on eBay for around $250.00. October Morn was Robert Wood's most successful print, selling more than one million
Summer Morning Tiff was painted in 1886 by Tome Roberts (1856–1931)
I've done some research. The painting is called Autumn Afternoon; Year 1957 (24"x 48") I don't know if it's an original or just a reproduction. 1. How much more
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