How do you paint thermofoil cabinets?


To paint a thermofoil cabinet, sand the surface to be painted, add a primer, and apply latex paint. Finish with a sealant for a perfect finish.

First, prepare the surface to be painted. Remove dirt, stains or debris using a damp rag, warm water and homemade detergent. Start sanding the surface of the cabinets only after they are completely dry. Wipe all the dust resulting from sanding using a damp piece of cloth.

Next, ensure that you work in a well-ventilated room and wear protective clothing such as gloves, goggles and a face mask. Then, add a quality bonding primer using a foam roller or a paintbrush to achieve an even coat. Apply another coat of primer, and leave it to dry.

Now start applying latex paint using either a roller or a paintbrush. Paint the cabinets following the same procedure as applying primer. Let the first coat dry, then apply another one for best results. You can apply up to four coats depending on the color you are using. Go for enamel paint if you are looking for a glossy finish. Otherwise, a satin finish works.

Finally, for extra gloss and protection, apply one coat of polyurethane varnish or sealant. Leave the paint to cure for 10 to 30 days before using the cabinets.

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How to Paint Thermofoil Cabinets
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