Paleozoic Era Climate?


The climate of the Paleozoic era started out as moderate, even though it shifted between being stable and being unstable. Around the middle of the Paleozoic era the climate began stabilizing and was able to support land dwelling life. At the end of the era carbon dioxide levels became dangerously low, while oxygen levels increased. This was the cause of some severe ice ages.
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it was cold at first then it got pretty hot around the mass extingtion.
The Paleozoic Era, which occurred some 543 to 248 million years ago, is marked by two major events that affected animal life. One was the diversity explosion of animals with many
"The Early Cambrian climate was probably moderate at first, becoming warmer over the course of the Cambrian, as the second-greatest sustained sea level rise in the Phanerozoic
In the Paleozoic era, a super-continent formed when two mega-continents called Gondwanaland and Laurasia collided. As Pangaea formed because of the Earth's plates shifting-also known
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The Paleozoic Era was generally a warm greenhouse era. However, the initial stages, known as Early Paleozoic Icehouse, were cool. The early cool era ended with ...
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The Paleozoic era is a period of time that occurred around 570-240 million years ago. The end of that era is when the larger dinosaurs lived. You can find more ...
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