How do you fix a pallet jack?


A pallet jack may become broken when the air inside the hydraulic system get inside and causes a bad o ring. This will make the pallet jack to not lift properly. It can be fixed with a new ring.
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1. Lower the pallet jack fully, using the release lever located on the handle. 2. Roll the pallet jack through the two slots on the front of back of the pallet. Moderate force will
1 Find the release lever. Stand behind the manual pallet jack as this is the position you will be in when you move it. Find the small lever that allows the pallet jack prongs (the
the maximum weight to be placed ona pallet jack is 5500 pounds. if you place any more weight on the pallet it will break and not be able to pull the weight.
Pallet jack in Spanish is "gato de la plataforma". Keep ChaChaing!
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Definition of a Pallet Jack
Pallet jacks are devices that are used to move heavy packages and products from one area to another point with relative ease.... More »
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