The meaning of the song known as 'Pamulinawen' is based on courtship. It is a love song. It is also a popular Filipino song.
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its all about courting a girl its all about courting a girl
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Pamulinawen, my love, please hearken to me who am sighing, who am enchanted by your graciousness Kindly consider (my yearning), ignore me not I who love you, who humble myself before
No meaning. This is the name of the lady she is singing to. He is pledging for his love to the lady which name is Pamulinawen.
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Pamulinawen is a Philippines folk song. The lyrics sound like a love song and is asking their partner not to be upset and that whatever the other partner did will ...
pamulinawen plus lyrics and notes. ...
pamulinawen plus lyrics and notes. ...
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