How to Program a Panasonic Remote Control?


There are several ways to program a Panasonic remote control. To get precise and detailed programming instructions, it is best to visit the Panasonic service website. Aside from online instruction, the site also offers downloadable operating manual.
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1. Turn off the electronic device you plan to operate with the remote control. Locate the "Action" and "Power" buttons on your keypad. The buttons are both gray.
You can purchase a Panasonic remote control from anyone that sells Panasonic television products as well as their online factory direct website. Occasionally you can find them on
Are you planing on making you own remote comtrol? If so you have to know how to put things togather, if you are good at that than you sould not have a problem.
One of the most popular brands for remote controls and appliances is Panasonic. The Panasonic is a popular universal remote control because it works with a wide range of appliances
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It seems the only thing more arduous than finding a missing remote somewhere in the house is actually programming it to operate all of your audio and video products ...
Try codes for LG. 0178 worked for me. ...
1. Press and hold the button on the Light Tower that corresponds to the system you want to control. 2. Enter the corresponding code (found in the manual or in the instructions listed under Resources, below) while holding down the button. 3. Release t ...
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