Panda Dog Breed?


In spite of the adorable pictures seen around the Internet, there is no such thing as the panda dog breed. They are simply dogs dyed and teased to look like giant pandas. Most often, they are actually fluffy specimens from the Chow Chow breed, which like the panda, also originated in China. These dogs-in-disguise are part of a larger pet-dying trend in Asia, which is mostly a fad among wealthy families with extra money to burn.
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1. Purchase your Panda hamsters from an actual breeder instead of a pet store. Hamster breeders are knowledgeable and take the time to carefully plan out breedings. Pet store employees
The majority of information on the internet about the panda dog is that it is a good dye job. Sources:….
The main known ones are the Red Panda and the Giant Panda, but personally, I don't know of any others. There are more answers just keep looking.
It's actually just a cute dog that
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