Panda's Ecosystem?


The Giant panda's ecosystem is in broad leaf and coniferous forest, particularly those with bamboos. Pandas lived in lowlands before. However, due to farming and deforestation, pandas are only confined to mountainous habitats as of the moment.
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As of 2010, the giant panda only resides in the provinces of Sichuan, Gansu and Shanxi in Central China. Pandas are spread out over 29,500 square kilometers, but the panda only inhabits
Pandas are only found in the undisturbed mountain forests of some parts of central China. They do not tolerate humans well, and are most at home in the bamboo forests which provide
Giant panda bears help distribute bamboo seeds throughout the land
Panda Bears are peaceful creatures who spend their days eating bamboo. They have opposable thumbs that make eating bamboo easy for them. Panda Bears can be found in the Southwest
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