Pantomime Characters?


A pantomime play is generally adapted from a traditional fairy tale or nursery rhyme, through the producer often exercises artistic license to improve the silliness of the story. Incorporating elements of music and comedy, these interactive stage productions are meant to be family entertainment. The characters are often played by the opposite gender. For instance, the lead male role, often the main character in the play, is generally portrayed by young woman wearing a tight outfit that makes her true identity quite obvious. This principle character could also be a boy playing a girl. Most pantomime also includes several other chief characters. These are the panto-dame, the co-principal lead, the comic lead, and the villain.
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wicked queen
In every panto you always have. 1. Damsel in distress, sometimes a princess or vulnerable girl destined for greatness. 2. A woman playing the male lead. 3. A man playing a woman,
***** in Boots for me
Derek. The "Fame Academy" judges were there and Derek thought it was for "Dame Academy".
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