Pantyhose under Jeans?


Some women like to wear pantyhose under their jeans, and the motivations for this interesting fashion combination are diverse. A certain portion just prefer to wear pantyhose with their shoes, so they end up wearing them with most any outfit. Others wear them under ripped jeans so their bare skin won't be exposed. Sometimes pantyhose are a great way to hide your unshaven legs for an extra day or two. There are those who believe that pantyhose trim the lower silhouette, but this is debatable since they can also create a muffin top effect.
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No panty lines. Plus I just don't like the feeling of denim, so yes, it feels better. It also doubles the effective life of my pantyhose because when they get a hole or run, they
1. Pull your jeans on and wear a belt. Belting your jeans keeps your paints at the appropriate height and avoids having pants spill down into your boots. This makes jeans look clumped
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Pantyhose are pretty much out of style these days so you really
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Pantyhose can be very uncomfortable under jeans, yet some people love to wear the combination. Many people who choose to layer their jeans with pantyhose do so ...
The way to correctly wear pantyhose is as simple as putting on a pair of jeans. You would take the pantyhose, and put on one leg at a time. When both legs are ...
You can wear pantyhose under your pants to provide extra warmth. This can be done in the wintertime or all year long if your area is cold. You can also try buying ...
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