Paper Crafts for Kids to Make?


One easy and fun paper craft for kids to make is a puppet made from a brown paper bag. The kids can add yarn as hair and draw a face on the bag. Some other ideas for making paper crafts are creating cards or making paper chains to use as decorations.
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1. Pass out square (not rectangular) pieces of heavy paper. Fold the square corner to corner to form a triangle and then fold the triangle in half again. Unfold. 2. Have the kids
Kids will love learning how to make a gingerbread house that they can use year after year. It makes a great classroom project or a great craft for the boredom blues. The decorating
1. Buy crafts that are appropriate for your child's age level. For example, sticker foam crafts are more suitable for young children. Painting, beading and clay are good choices for
1. Turn over your original image. The image should be on fairly thick paper like notebook or printer paper. If the paper is too thin paper it may tear while you transfer the image
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Paper Crafts for Kids to Make
Kids enjoy and learn by making projects with paper. By doing the project themselves, kids gain experience in making on-the-spot decisions that create a desired outcome; they are also more likely to retain the lesson learned. A child's sense of... More »
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