Paper Crafts for Kids to Make?


One easy and fun paper craft for kids to make is a puppet made from a brown paper bag. The kids can add yarn as hair and draw a face on the bag. Some other ideas for making paper crafts are creating cards or making paper chains to use as decorations.
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1. Pass out square (not rectangular) pieces of heavy paper. Fold the square corner to corner to form a triangle and then fold the triangle in half again. Unfold. 2. Have the kids
Kids will love learning how to make a gingerbread house that they can use year after year. It makes a great classroom project or a great craft for the boredom blues. The decorating
1. Decide what is possible in your home or classroom. It's a good idea to look for crafts that suit the age group of the kids involved. Crafts for preschoolers should only take about
1. Cut out a square that is 10 by 10 inches from a sheet of paper. Cut out a smaller square that is 91/2 by 91/2 inches from a different sheet of paper. 2. Use a ruler to draw a 4
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Paper Crafts for Kids to Make
Kids enjoy and learn by making projects with paper. By doing the project themselves, kids gain experience in making on-the-spot decisions that create a desired outcome; they are also more likely to retain the lesson learned. A child's sense of... More »
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