How to Design and Build a Paper Model House?


The design of the paper house is just like an architectural design of a normal house but should be simple and easy to implement. You can draw on paper the shape of the house you want including the different faces of the house and color them if possible. After having your design, get the materials you are going to use for example cardboard and cut out the different faces of the model house and the pin or glue them together basing on the plan. After that you can paint according to the design, there is your paper model house.
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1. Obtain all the tools necessary to build your 3-D model. Any local hobby shop or even convenience store sells everything you need. 2. Draw the dimensions of the house, with a pencil
Makin a paper house can be a lot of work when you first get started. Are you planning on making a paper house as a hobby? If so you will have alot of fun. You can find more information
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Model houses may be built using different material like wood, metal or paper. A paper model house is the easiest to build. One simply just cuts the paper into ...
All you need for a model Tudor house is some card or paper. Print out a template and cut and stick the different pieces with some sort of adhesive, glue, tape ...
1. Draw the outline of the dream house plan on graph paper. Use a metal ruler to determine the scale of the model project. For instance, choose 1/16 inch, 1/8 ...
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