How to Make Money off of Paper Mache Art?


Paper Mache artists can create beautiful figures and features using paper strips. One can make money off paper mache art by selling it on the internet or opening a retail shop to sell the finished pieces.
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1. Create numerous projects to showcase your work. Show variety and your point-of-view in a collection that sums up your abilities. Photograph each piece from different angles and
There are several types of paper mache paste recipes, depending on the type of project. A simple one, especially for projects with kids, is a water and flour mixture. Mix 1 part flour
1. Apply white Gesso all over your creation, making sure you paint Gesso into any corners and creases You may require several layers to ensure a smooth base all over, so let it dry
1. Sketch a drawing of your sculpture on a piece of paper. Decide on an approximate height and width for it. 2. Twist and bend some wire into your sculpture's eventual shape. This
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Paper Mache Art Ideas
Two methods are used to create paper mache crafts. One method uses paper pulp, paper soaked in water until soft and mealy, for molding around a frame to create the desired object. The other method uses newspaper strips or squares of paper soaked in a... More »
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To make a paper mache skull, first visit an arts and crafts store. Obtain various materials for creating the paper mache, like paper, glue, and any decoration ...
Paper mache is an excellent art craft to enjoy. It is made using layers of paper (newspaper is quite convenient) and glue. You must have at least three layers ...
Paper mache projects are a great way to keep the kids busy on a rainy day. Since most anything can be built out of paper mache, their imagination is the only limitation ...
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