How to Make Money off of Paper Mache Art?


Paper Mache artists can create beautiful figures and features using paper strips. One can make money off paper mache art by selling it on the internet or opening a retail shop to sell the finished pieces.
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1. Create numerous projects to showcase your work. Show variety and your point-of-view in a collection that sums up your abilities. Photograph each piece from different angles and
1. Apply white Gesso all over your creation, making sure you paint Gesso into any corners and creases You may require several layers to ensure a smooth base all over, so let it dry
1. Cut the top of a milk jug off just below the handle so that you have the rounded bottom remaining. This will be the form for your paper mache Easter basket. 2. Lay a plastic tablecloth
1. Lay a large tarp down on the ground or a work surface near the vehicle or trailer that will be used for the float. 2. Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Wallpaper paste can be harsh
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To make a paper mache volcano you need to obtain a few items. You will need a piece of wood, a cardboard tube and some chicken wire for the base. Make some paste ...
To make a paper mache dinosaur, the person will need a few materials. Some of the materials needed are newspaper, masking tape, cardboard and a picture. This is ...
A fast drying paper mache recipe calls for rubbing alcohol and flour. To make the paste, begin by mixing 1 cup of flour with 2 cups of rubbing alcohol together ...
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