Paper Presentation on Nanotechnology?


First start with history. Then go over features. Next go over uses and application- details of the features and flashbacks to features. Finally conclusion of how it helps society and the future of nanotechnology. This should be good starting points.
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^ reminds of the human genome project presentation i had to do. anyway. check out the link below. that should help. but for starters: >make sure you're incredibly familiar with
1. Gather the information together than supports your paper presentation including background research, data, and notes. 2. Research your readers to better understand their level
1 Know the requirements. Each presentation for each class is going to be a bit different. Some instructors will be happy with 3 minutes while others will demand you stand there awkwardly
Paper Presentation is all about how you put your topic or present your topic in front of the public. They see the way you present it. They way you put your points. Your way and the
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