Paracentral Disc Protrusion?


A paracentral disc protrusion is a spinal disc condition that is manifested as a swollen intervertebral disc. A broad based disc protrusion with paracentral annular tear is a condition where you have a torn ligament and a bulge in the disk specifically between the spines.
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When looking at the lumbar spine, you will note that between each vertebra is a block of tissue that resembles a hockey puck. This "tissue" is actually a shock absorber
1. This is not common spelled it right? I would guess it means your intervertebral disc are breaking down a bit or dehydrating at multiple levels. 2. you have a
Ah, so you just had an MRI of the neck and you got this medspeak gobbledygook report back from the radiologist and are wondering what the heck it means. I'll give you the Cliff Notes
1. Learn about the extend and type of your protrusion. Recovery from disc protrusion is the result of several methods to encourage a protruding or herniated disc. The treatment will
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