Parachute Material?


The materials used to make parachute canopies are specific to the purpose of the chute.

Most military parachutes, for example, are constructed to exert less drag, so that people can reach the ground swiftly and safely. Sport parachutes, on the other hand, are generally designed to be more rigid, so that wearers can exert more control over their descent speed and in-air maneuvering. Types of materials used to make parachutes include canvas, silk, nylon, Kevlar, and Terylene. The oldest military parachutes were made of canvas, which was soon replaced by silk. Silk was superior in strength, lightness, thinness, and was also fire-resistant. Since silk tends to be expensive, nylon became a popular alternative. Nylon also has the benefit of being resistant to mildew, and has good elasticity. More recently, Kevlar and Terylene have been adopted, as these synthetic fabrics are very strong and heat resistant.
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In the war they were made of Nylon.
Hello Prashant, I have some websites that pertain to your questions. What are the different materials used for manufacturing Parachute ? People who would like to use Parachute can
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The Materials Used to Make a Parachute
Apart from the obvious use of slowing down people who have jumped out of airplanes, parachutes are used in variety of situations. Spacecraft and airplanes can use them on landing to help them slow down, as do drag racing cars. They create a drag force... More »
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The best material for a parachute is silk. The material is very light and very strong which make it the most suitable. It also has tremendously high strength on ...
The material usually used to make parachutes is silk. Parachutes can also be made out of Nylon. A parachute is used to slow descent by providing drag. ...
Parachutes are made of strong weaved nylon and sometimes silk material. Nylon is strong enough to slow the motion of an object by creating drag. Parachutes are ...
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