Parakeet Nesting Material?


In order to breed parakeets, you need to acquire specialized materials and equipment beyond that of a typical pet owner. A female parakeet that has been bred knows instinctively that it needs to build a nest for its eggs. Since these birds live in a confined area, it is up to you to create an environment suitable for mating. For instance, the breeding pair should be kept together in a cage that also contains a nesting box. Some breeders like to offer material like pine shavings or shredded paper for the birds to build their nest with, but many parakeets prefer to use loose feathers from their own body instead.
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you do not need to give them any material the mom and dad will pick off some feathers and put them in the nest for the eggs to be you can try and give them something but they might
Start by selecting a sturdy wooden box that measures around 6 by 6 inches in length and width. Don't use a cardboard box or any other material that the parakeet can easily chew through
1. Take the cardboard box and the sharp knife and make a hole in the middle of the box on one side. Ad. 2. This part is useful if you do not have enough room for the nesting box to
How about some straw? Take a look at this link. It's great!….
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