What Is the Habitat of the Paramecium?


In terms of biology, paramecium is a type of protozoa that is unicellular and is in the shape of a piece of rice. Paramecium tend to prefer habitats that are in freshwater. However, as of January 2013, scientists are finding them in salt water as well.
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Protist: Most are single-celled organisms, though the
Paramecium is the most common cilimate found everywhere in fresh water ponds, ditches, streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs Anonymous
paramecium live in river, ditch, or sewer.
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Any water source can he an ideal habitat for a Paramecium Aurelia: rivers, streams, fresh water ponds, or lakes. Paramecium Aurelia prefers a habitat containing ...
Chilodonella paramecium is a single cell microscopic parasite that attacks a fish's skin and gills. The Chilodonella paramecium species belongs to the protozoa ...
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