How can parents of a sociopath help their child?


Parents of a sociopath would be recommended to have the child visit a psychiatrist as well as participating in family therapy. This is especially if they have more than one child. They should also be wary of some of the common traits such as being manipulative, pathological lying, lack of remorse or empathy and a generally selfish personality and find ways of reprimanding this behaviour.
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The parent of a psychopath/sociopath child should love the child anyway. Because to turn your back on your child because they are born different is not the way to raise your kids.
Since you are an adult, you are able to make the decision to leave and not continue a relationship with that person(s). I would definitely contact your local child welfare authority
A common problem that many parents in child custody battles experience is the malicious false police reports generated by the nasty ex exhibiting sociopathic behaviors. Such people
Perhaps, Mr Rosales, take a step back and understand that we COULD VERY WELL BE talking about having taken that last breath already (if only figuratively) to save the child. If you
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