How do you make Parging mix?


The basic recipe for Parge coating is two shovels full of cement and one one shovel full of lime. Add 3 gallons of water and stir the mixture with the shovel. You can add additional water to the mixture until you get a good consistency.
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1. Put three shovel fulls of masonry sand into the wheelbarrow. Add two shovel fulls of Portland cement. 2. Add one shovel full of lime to the parge mixture. Add several gallons of
Masons use a parge coat to cover walls made of concrete, brick or block. A parge coat is a smooth coat of mortar applied to the wall. You can apply a parge coat to improve the appearance
we're doing a wall now,,, 1 type s cement;2 mason sand is our ratio,,, to be sure the color's the same, we'll paint the whole wall,,, no one can match color as the human eye sees
1. Set up a concrete mixer in a level outdoor location. Concrete mixers are available for daily rental at home improvement stores. 2. Wear protective clothing when mixing or handling
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