Parging Mix?


The basic recipe for Parge coating is two shovels full of cement and one one shovel full of lime. Add 3 gallons of water and stir the mixture with the shovel. You can add additional water to the mixture until you get a good consistency.
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1. Set up a concrete mixer in a level outdoor location. Concrete mixers are available for daily rental at home improvement stores. 2. Wear protective clothing when mixing or handling
I used 1 part portland and 1 part binder and it's been 4 years and still holding. You want to make sure that the surface is free of any loose material give it a good wash with a powerwasher
Masons use a parge coat to cover walls made of concrete, brick or block. A parge coat is a smooth coat of mortar applied to the wall. You can apply a parge coat to improve the appearance
we're doing a wall now,,, 1 type s cement;2 mason sand is our ratio,,, to be sure the color's the same, we'll paint the whole wall,,, no one can match color as the human eye sees
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