Parts of a Cathedral?


Chapter-house, cloister, nave, west front, crossing, aisles and transepts are parts of the cathedral. All cathedrals are different but generally follow a common design plan. The Chapter-house is where the Dean and Chapter meet to discuss the running of the cathedral.
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This is usually the largest part of the cathedral where the congregation sits, so called from the Latin Navus meaning 'boat' because it looks like an upturned boat. The nave is behind
The domed part of a cathedral is the rounded ceiling usually painted ornately.
I know Michelangelo painted the inside of the Sistene Chapel, but the Dome of Florence was designed by Brunelleschi. That's all i know about it. Source(s) art history class.
The 4 letter word for "Domed part of a cathedral" is APSE. The Dome Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the Baltics. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February
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A nave in a cathedral is the central part of a church building that is intended to accommodate most of the congregation. In traditional Western churches, this ...
The Manchester cathedral was built in 1215. The cathedral is built within the precincts of the Baron’s Court, beside the Manor House (which is now part of ...
Canterbury Cathedral singled out as the oldest Christian churches in England and forms part of globe Heritage Site, thus reflecting Canterbury historic and religious ...
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