Parts of a Knife?


A knife is pretty basic and does not contain many parts. Beginning at the end that you hold closest to you is the butt. Rivets and scales hold the butt to the tang. The tang is the piece of metal that flows through the end part of the knife. The bolster area connects the tang to the base of the knife. Next is the heel, which is the widest part of the knife. The unsharp top is the spine. The edge is the sharp section that you cut with followed by the tip and point.
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Blade which has different terms for specific areas such as: Spine, ricasso (area behind the cutting edge and directly in front of the bolster) flat (area above edge) edge or grind
The sharpest part of a knife is the side of the knife you cut with. Thanks for
That is because Ballistic Knifes are not legal in the US since 1986, What is the practical point of wanting this? This was designed for Spetsnaz in a situation when they needed it
The correct name is hilt.
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Parts of a Knife
Knives are everyday tools. Most people know a little about knife terminology, as all knives have blades and handles. The common kitchen knife has little beyond that. However, even the most mundane knives do have a couple of extra features. These are both... More »
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