Parts of a Newspaper Article?


Parts of a Newspaper Article can be identified by the following; the headline which is in most cases in bold, it has a byline which states the author or reporter. Then comes the lead paragraph, the explanation of the lead paragraph and finally the additional information or the final part of the Newspaper Article.
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1. Locate the headline of the article at the top, above the body of the article. This is usually in bold face and slightly larger font. A headline contains a concise statement that
1. general news. 2. local and foreign news section. 3. editorial page. 4. sports page. 5. classified ads section. 6. business and finace section. 7. entertainment section. 8. home
There are five parts of a newspaper article: Headline, Biline, Lead
When you learn how to write a newspaper article, you don't have much room to get creative. You will need to follow a unique writing style and structure that helps deliver correct
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