Parts of a Volcano Diagram?


You can view parts of a volcano from an online diagram on website. The parts are usually formed when volcano erupts. Volcanoes are normally classified as active, dormant or extinct.
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There are five main parts of the volcano and they are the magma chamber, the lava, the main vent, the crater, and the pyroclastic flow.
1. Look for the volcano's main vent or opening. On mountainous volcanoes and some other types, this is called the crater, where magma-molten rock-emerges, sometimes explosively. Craters
Volcano is a noun.
The main parts of a volcano are the magma chamber, one or more vents and the
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The main parts of a volcano include ash cloud, crater, lava, main vent, magma chamber, summit, throat, ash, and flank. Others include conduit, sill and parasite ...
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