Parts of Fungi?


Fungi are a diverse group of eukaryotic. The fungi are made up of two parts, the reproductive structure, and mycillium. The mycilluim is usually underground, and contains units called hyphae. The reproductive construction is a fruiting structure and can grow in forms birds' nests.
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The main part of the fungus is under ground. This main part is called the mycelium
Like plants and animals, fungi are eukaryotes; their cells have true nuclei. In fact, their cells have all the organelles that occur in animal cells. But fungal cells lack the one
The Parts of a Mushroom. What is a fungus? Before learning more about the Armillaria gallica, it might be important to know exactly what a fungus is. According to The Mushroom Book
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The following are true about all fungi. Fungi are not classified as plants. The part of fungi that we see are the 'fruit' of the fungi. Fungi walls are made out ...
It is possible to find the earliest fungi by looking at modern protists, and in fact, it is associated with vascular plants, and they are part of the Protista ...
The significance of the Monera, Protist and fungi family in the human race is that they are part of the food chain and all organisms are though to come from the ...
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