Parts of Statistical Table?


Parts of the statistical table include the Title, Column Caption and Box Head, and Row Captions and Stub. In addition, you have Prefatory Notes and Footnotes, and Source Notes. The Body and Arrangement of Data is also part of the statistical table.
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In general, a statistical table consists of the following eight parts. They are as follows: (i) Table Number. : Each table must be given a number. Table number helps in distinguishing
Columns store information of various types, such as numbers, names and dates. A record or a row stores an individual piece of information. For instance, an "employees" table
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Parts of a Statistical Table
The world is chock-full of facts. One way to sort and present these facts is with a table. Tables come in almost as many different forms as the facts they contain. Tables can be found everywhere, from the nutritional label on the back of a bag of... More »
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