Parts of the Catholic Mass?


A Catholic mass is quite long. Some of the parts of a Catholic mass include Introductory rites, liturgy of the word, liturgy of the eucharist, concluding rite, and the entrance and greeting. Once the mass actually starts, the penitential rite is addressed. Following that are gloria, the opening prayer, first reading, and responsorial Psalm are read. A second reading takes place follwed by acclaimation, gospel, the creed, prayers of the faithful, and offeratory. Several other parts come after this. A mass generally lasts for three hours.
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1. Explain that there are basically two parts to the mass: the liturgy of the word and the liturgy of the Eucharist. Strictly speaking, anyone may attend the liturgy of the word,
The various parts of a Catholic mass are as follows: 1) Pre-Mass devotions. 2) Introductory rites. 3) Liturgy of the Word. 4) Liturgy of the Eucharist. 5) Communion rite. 6) Concluding
Catholic Mass is an ancient practice for catholics. It is where a large number of Catholics will join to praise and worship the Lord. Although there are many ways to worship this
Mass ritual is divided into four parts:Introduction, Liturgy of the...
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In a Roman Catholic mass, the host is consecrated during the Eucharist prayer. Here the priest prays the Words of Institution, which are also referred to as the ...
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There are actually four parts to mass, 2 main parts and 2 framing rites. Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of Eucharist, Concluding Rites. ...
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