Parts of the Newspaper?


Parts of a newspaper may vary slightly depending on the area in which one lives. All newspapers will have a main page, with top news stories. Other sections include a sports, classified ads, comics and lifestyle section.
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The parts of a newspaper come in typically thirteen sections. The parts are commonly sectioned by International, Washington, New York Region, business, technology, science, health
1. Locate the headline of the article at the top, above the body of the article. This is usually in bold face and slightly larger font. A headline contains a concise statement that
P.E.S Project? Official and Important PARTS OF THE NEWSPAPER. General News. Editorial Page. Sports Page. Classified Ads. Entertainment Section. Business and Finance Section. Home
There are five parts of a newspaper article: Headline, Biline, Lead
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There are normally 14 parts of a newspaper. International, Politics, City name, Business, Technology, Science, Health, Sports, Entertainment, Weather, Obituaries ...
There are several parts to a newspaper layout. A few are Identity tags, nameplate, headlines and special headlines are just a few. You can visit . ...
The basic part of the newspaper is the lead or splash story. This is the story that the newspaper will be the most read and have the greatest interest by their ...
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