Party Games for Senior Citizens?


The sort of party games that will be fun for senior citizens may vary a little. Seniors are people and thus have a large range of likes. Plan for a few different things, some old classics can be fun such as board games and such, but you might also want to set up some card games to play as well. If nothing else, ask the seniors you're looking to entertain what they would like to play.
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1. Play Bingo free of charge. Purchase inexpensive items as prizes. Prize items might include toiletries, home decor, card games or gag gifts like a bottle of geritol or bladder control
You might think that as older people get, they tend to get more serious. At some point this is true, but older people also need, and want, to have fun just like anyone else! Especially
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Senior Citizens have been playing games more than ever lately.
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A senior citizen is an elderly person; one who is past the age of retirement.This American phrase was coined in the 1930s as a euphemism for 'old person' and has ...
Senior citizens should engage in a variety of activities or games to stimulate their minds. This can include cross word puzzles, memory games, and brain teasers. ...
Christmas jokes for seniors are great. It gives them a chance to laugh and have fun at Christmas time and you can tell jokes as well at a Christmas party. One ...
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