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When sending invitations for a party it is important to consider several things before mailing the invitations. Communication with your intended guests via party invitations gives them the information about who the party is for, and what the event is, such as a birthday party or graduation celebration. Be sure to indicated when the party is with date and time, as well as where the party will be held. Indicate on the party invitations where your guests are allowed to bring others, and ask the to RSVP to let you know of their intentions.
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To make party invitations, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint are two great programs to use. Type your information as desired, add cute designs, and print it out!
1. Buy rubber flip-flops in colorful hues that coordinate with the colors of the party. 2. Write all the information regarding the event on the inside sole using a permanent marker.
1 Start out with a sentence like, "You are invited! " This is so they know that it is an event. Ad
1. Introduce your invitation with a line of welcome, such as "Ahoy! or "Avast! Both catch the reader's attention pirate-style. 2. Issue the invitation. Use pirate language
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